Dux Hot Water Systems

Know Hot Water is an authorised installer and repairer of Dux hot water systems throughout Perth, Western Australia.

Since 1915, Dux has provided many Australian homes with hot water. Focusing on-going development and innovation, Dux takes pride in producing high quality hot water systems. We have seen numerous breakthroughs in the efficiency, reliability and longevity of their systems over these 100+ years.

Dux manufacture their hot water systems in a state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Highlands of NSW. In addition, their ‘Quality Endorsed’ production system assures that every unit sold is to the highest quality.

Dux is proudly owned by Nortiz, an international ‘hot water powerhouse.’ Nortiz is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial water heaters in Japan. Thus, Dux utilises Nortiz’s advanced technical capabilities to build better and more competitive hot water systems for the Australian market.

Please find our current range of Dux products below, suited to all requirements and budgets.

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