Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are often cheaper to purchase and simple to install. However, you can expect to pay around $700 to $1,000 a year in running costs.

You can install an electric hot water system either indoors or outdoors. Electric hot water systems are often utilised in homes with limited space (e.g. apartments) or if gas is not an option. They’re available as both storage or instantaneous units.

Storage systems have an insulated storage tank with elements located inside or at the base of the tank. These elements heat the water just like a kettle. A thermostat controls when the elements turn on and off to heat the tank.

Larger storage tanks require more power to heat bigger volumes of water. Thus, they can be more expensive to use. A smaller tank may be more cost effective in smaller homes with low hot water usage. These units can have the highest greenhouse gas emissions of all water heaters.

Electric instantaneous hot water systems have a heating element which wraps around pipes to heat the water inside. They can be cheaper to run than storage units, but most require three-phase power. These systems can be installed indoors and in cupboards, as they don’t have an exhaust.

Please see our current range of electric storage and instantaneous hot water systems. Available now for installation throughout Perth.

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