Electric Hot Water Systems


Electric hot water systems are typically low-cost and reliable and account for approximately 45% of Australian hot water systems.

Electric units can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are often utilised in apartment buildings where space is limited.

Electric storage systems are heated by electric-powered elements at the base of the tank, just like your standard electric kettle. Larger storage tanks can be more expensive to run, though they may be more cost effective in households with minimal hot water usage. It’s also worth nothing that these units can have the highest greenhouse gas emissions of all water heaters.

Electric instantaneous hot water systems have an electrical heating element, which wraps around the pipes to heat the water within. These are generally cheaper to run than storage units and as there’s no requirement for a gas exhaust, these systems can be installed in cupboards and compact spaces indoors.

Please find below a range of electric hot water systems that will suit different requirements and budgets:

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