Gas Hot Water Systems

If you have the connection for it, gas is a good option. It’s cheaper than electricity and because gas rates don’t vary through the day, gas water heater systems can heat water as needed.

A typical four-person household needs a tank of about 135–170L. You can also choose an instantaneous hot water system..

Gas water heaters are usually installed outdoors due to venting requirements, but can be installed indoors with a flue.

They have an energy efficiency star rating.

Some gas hot water systems have a pilot light, which uses a small amount of gas. Hot water systems with electric ignition are more economical, but in a blackout you can lose your hot water supply.

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bottles are an alternative to natural gas – but expect to pay significantly more in running costs.

Please find below a range of hot water systems that will suit different requirements and budgets:

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